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I . R . C .

I discovered I.R.C a couple of years ago. I tried it for some minutes, and not being able to make head or tail of it, I deleted it. (Don't say what a Dummy. I know :-( , heheh). I re-discovered it when a friend asked me to install it for her. While watching her use it, I found out it could be fun, and now I cannot be separated from it.

What is IRC? It is a chat service. Any subject you can imagine has a channel devoted to it. Channels devoted to cities, countries, people, music, artists, IRC name it, it is there.

What do I do on IRC? My first step there was to join the UNDERNET channel #ircnewbies. (well I was a newbie). A couple of days later, I also joined the channel #mirc4Dummies (while I don't like the Dummy name, I was an IRC dumm!). Well, They helped me. Boy, did I get help!.

I thought it was just chatting. Little did I know. ASCII art, popups that give help or funny messages, scripts that greet you (or kick you if you are naughty!)....too many to mention here. And I won't mention my teachers here either. Too many of them, and mentioning a couple would not be fair to the rest. Go and have a look at the #mirc4Dummies ops page or PhilC's Regulars to see some of them. Or better yet, join IRC and see for yourself :))

By the way I use the nick Kzin, and sometimes Luis_Wu.

How to install mIRC?
First time setup and use

The latest version of mIRC is 5.83 . Many are reluctant to update to the newer versions (5.6 and upwards) because of rumours that it breaks scripts and aliases. If you are one of them, click here (for 5.6 help) or here (for 5.7 help) to see how easy it is to update your files. I owe my understanding of this to `Lexus, and I am thankful to prescott for the multiple editing, both text-wise, and layout-wise.

Advice to the mIRC5.6 impaired
Some help for mIRC 5.7

(Still "Under Construction").

Some IRC Links:
Download mirc here

mirc4Dummies Home page #mIRC4Dummies guidlines, as well as the ops list
PhilC's Home page You want humour? He's got it. You want art? He's got it too.
momm's place Where you can learn about mIRC, popups, and lots more.
Prescott's home page A friend. Alaska, quilting, mIRC, a little bit of everything.
Suzieq's home page A friend's page about Maine, recipe's and more.
Undernet Main Page The official web site of the undernet
Dark Elf's Site A good place to get information and protection against nuke attacks.

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Unfortunately, due to hacking attacks on the undernet, the scripts below do not work at this time.
Try to do some chatting on the undernet by filling the form below;
Enter your Nickname to connect to
#mirc4dummies Then Press ENTER
Enter your Nickname to connect to
#northamerica then Press ENTER