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Photos taken on the AeroNavale Carrier, Foche, in Beirut harbour.

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Nose Close up Squadron Badge Rescue Markings Main gear well detail


Main gear Main gear close-up Main gear well close-up Wing fold


Wing fold detail Inboard flap View of afterburner Another view


Nozzle detail


Super Etendard (in Hangar)

Left side view Wing fold detail Overwing view Nose gear


Nose and sensors Left intake Dorsal Airbrake Left main gear


Airbrake and right main gear Nose gear Nose gear detail Lousy view (blame the lighting)


Buddy refuelling pod Lowered arresting hook


Super Etendard (on Deck)

No cockpit shots, as the nose sections were canvas covered, to protect against blistering sun.

Nose gear and Buddy pod Rear view of Buddy pod Main Gear leg Main Gear door


Left view. Drop tank and pylon (for chaff/ECM?) Nose Gear well Nose Gear detail


Nose Gear and tow bar Supposed to be the cannon. (The glare ruined it)    


Etendard IV P (on Deck)

Belly Camera pod Airbrake View of tail Nose area (unfortunately covered in canvas


Wing fold. Close-up of Wing fold


Super Frelon (in hangar)

Main view Folded tail rotor better pic of same view Folded Main rotor

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