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Ilyushin Il-76

Part 2

These photos were taken by  Koko 

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Photos below were taken at Baghdad Airport on 6th and 15th November 2003

Three times last year, I had to go to Baghdad, to work on the generators at the Airport.
Due to the fact that there are no regular commercial flights yet, my three flights were,
as far as I am concerned, somewhat exotic. My first flight was on a USAF C-130, from Kuwait
to Baghdad and back (pictures of the C-130 can be found in the walkarounds section).
My next flights were via Dubai, in Russian cargo planes, an Il-76, An-12 and An-72.
Except for the return flight from Baghdad to Dubai in the Il-76, the crew were quite co-operative,
so, I could move all around the plane, and take all the pictures I could.
You have to excuse some of the fuzzy pics, as my hands sometimes were shaking from the vibration or turbulence.
The picture names ending with -1 were from my inbound flight, and those ending with -2 are from my return flight.
I hope to have the pictures of the An-12 and An-72 up here pretty soon.
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Photos and text 2003 by Krikor Abrahamyan