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Scouting was introduced in Lebanon by two teachers , Abdul Satar and Abdul Jabar El Kliairi . They came to Lebanon from England in 1912 and established the first scout troop in the school where they worked . This troop had lots of activities later including a trip to Istanbul , Turkey, where they met the Ottoman Sultan ( Head of the state). Members of this troop played a great role in spreading scouting in Lebanon and in other countries


After Lebanon gained its independence in 1943 , scouting spread rapidly, to cover every part of the country. The unusual thing about scouting in Lebanon is that there is not one but several scouting associations . Some of these associations are based on religious or ethnic groups ( Lebanon is a country where you can find a variety or religions and ethnic groups) but most are open to everyone with no discrimination . All these associations however , work hand in hand for the same goals. Today, there are 19 formal associations joined together in the Lebanese Scouting Federation . The federation plays a major role in coordinating the efforts of the scouting associations in Lebanon. In addition to that , it provides the necessary training for leaders ( Wood Badge). The Lebanese Scouting federation is also responsible for representing Lebanon in the World Bureau.


During the years of war in Lebanon , Scouts , from all association played an important role in helping civilians . They distributed food , medicine , and other forms of aid to refugees . Some scouting associations formed First Aid groups which helped the wounded . Scouts also participated in peace campaigns to help put an end to that war . It is worth mentioning that during the war , Scouts from all sides of the conflict remained brothers and remained in contact with each other . Their unity was a good example for all Lebanese . All this helped create a good image for scouting in Lebanon . People here tend to respect scouts and encourage their children to join the scouting movement.


Today , years after the war had ended , Scouting in Lebanon still faces great tasks. Lebanon is now involved in a large reconstruction plan aimed to erase all the effects of the war and to enable it to regain its advanced role in the world . This has already begun . The role of scouting is to erase the effects of the war from the minds of the people who lived through it. Scouts are promoting the ideas of peace and unity through campaigns and summer camps, especially for children . 'This, we hope, will make the new generation a generation, which rejects war


The exact membership is uncertain, however, there are over 80,000 Scouts and Guides in Lebanon today, in 20 different Scout Associations. Compared to the size and population of Lebanon , this number is very encouraging. Every day , more and more members are joining in , and we hope that our number will double in a few years. Lebanon has a very beautiful nature , mostly forests and mountains. This provides scouts here with a wide range of activities which they can do.


Lebanese Scout Federation Members:


 Lebanese Boy Scouts Association


  Al Jarah Scout Association


  The Islamic Scout Association


  The Maronite Scout Association


  International Boy Scouts of Bierut


  The Orthodox Scout Association


  The Cedars Scout Association


  Scouts du Liban


  The Socialist Scout Association


  The Risala Scout Association


  The Makased Islamic Scout Association


  The National Lebanese Scout Association


  Al Tarblya Alwatanlya Scout Association


  The Siryani Scout Association


  The Al Mahdi Scout Association


  The Future Scout Association


  The Coastal Scout Association


  The Homentman Scout Association


  The Arab Scout Association






Beavers- ages 4 to 6


Siony- ages 6 to 8


Mafking- ages 8 to 12


Scouts- ages 12 to 16


Rovers- ages 16 to 18






Be Prepared.






I promise on my honor, to do my duty towards God and my country. To abide by the Scout Law and live it, and do good deeds everyday.






A Scout works on gaining the peoplesí trust.

A Scout is loyal to country, leaders, parents and officials.

A Scout serves his fellow man.

A Scout is a friend to all and brother to all other Scouts.

A Scout behaves in an impeccable manner at al times.

A Scout sees the beauty of nature and takes care of ts habitants.

A Scout is obedient without question or hesitation.

A Scout is master of his behavior and smiles in hardship.

A Scout is thrifty.

10. A Scout is honest, clean in thought and behavior.