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Scouts of Sioufi

Lady Olave’s life
Scouting in Lebanon
Lion's Patrol

I am a patrol chief in SSCC Sioufy Lebanon. I decided to make a site for the world to know what scouting is like in the world and in Lebanon, and to let the world see what is the scout life like in the Lion’s patrol .
We are giving you in this site lots of information about scouting and about its founder because we know that there are lots of people who are interested in this; so we made a short story about Baden Powell and his wife Lady Olave to know that our message arives . We hope that you enjoy visiting this site and while you are inside it take a smal part of your timr to mail us and tell us what did u think about it.
The patrol mail is……………………….
I would like to thank friend who helped me do this site.
This site was made and designed by homless66 and a friend