I'm 54 years old, I'm Armenian, born in Istanbul, Turkey and I live in Beirut, Lebanon. I'm an electrical engineer. I'm nuts about airplanes, crazy about computers, and I've recently turned into a mainiac about IRC (cured, fortunately).

Unfortunately, this turned into game addiction. First there was Astronest. When that folded up I moved to Earth 2052. That was pretty unsatisfactory. Then I went on to play Star Kingdoms. After some sessions, that got boring as well (actually, I got tired of getting trashed). Then it was the turn of Blacknova traders. Then the server I like went out of business, and it was the turn of O-Game. I had to stop that for personal reasons. I started playing Unification wars . Due to some asinine decisions by the game designer, that one turned into a flop too. Now, I am playing Astro Empires and Core Exiles

Ummmm, errrr, did I leave something out? I don't think so; and if I did, no problem. Since this site is still under construction (I'm afraid it always will be), anything forgotten will get in here eventually.

(Don't you just hate those "Under Construction" Sites?).

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