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February, 2000

He has done it again!!! :)
Just as we were getting used to the changes in mIRC 5.6, Mr. Mardam-Bey has turned out a new version. And as is usual, he has removed some old command forms which had already been changed, but still supported.
The result of this has been to make some files unusable, until the old commands are replaced by their newer equivalents. While this is not hard, it needs some effort.

The changes are various, but most of them are out of the scope of this simple explanation. After all, most of us are not scripters, but simple users, so I will concentrate only on the changes that affect our everyday aliases.

Like the changes in version 5.6, the changes in version 5.7 are centered around text manipulation (well, actually a lot more, but text is what most of us use.


What have changed? simply put, *1, $parm and $token

*1 was used to store any text typed after an alias
so if you typed:
/f hello there
hello there
would be stored in *1 for further manipulation by /f

*1 now has been replaced by $1- , so any *1 in your scripts should be replaced by $1- .

It doesn't end here however, since some scripts use *2 (and rarely *3) to manipulate text from the 2nd (or 3rd) word onwards, not all of it. So in that case:

*2 is now been replaced by $2-


The case is very similar with $parm

$parms is replaced by $1-
is replaced by $1
is replaced by $2
etc.... where $parm1 is the first word in a sentence .... $parm2


Things start getting interesting here.
$token was used by mIRC to choose words from within a text separated by a particular character. Such that:
$token(1,32,hello there folks)
would give hello, and ....
$token(2,32,hello there folks)
would give there, since hello is the first word separated by a space (character 32) and there is the second word

In a previous version of mIRC, the form of usage changed, so the above command would be written as:
$token(hello there folks,1,32)
as you can see, this places the text part in the first section instead of last. While this form is still supported, it will probably be deleted in one of the next versions. The current form is $gettok, so that the above command changes to:
$gettok(hello there folks,1,32)

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