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The HMS Edinburgh is a Type 42 destroyer of the Royal Navy
It visited Beirut on the first week of November 1999.
I took this opportunity to photograph the Lynx helicopter on deck.

This is a general view of the ship.

The ship in the background is the Sir Percival, a re-supply ship.

Pictures of the Lynx Helicopter

Last Updated on 7th December 1999

Westland Lynx on the deck of HMS Edinburgh. A closer look. A look at the countermeasures box on the nose. The weapons pylon, Sea Skua missile and a torpedo on its loading trolley.


The torpedo and its loading trolley. The torpedo and its loading trolley on closer detail. The The Sea Skua this time, up, close and personal. Close up shot of the Missile Pylon.


A failed look into the cockpit. Unfortunately they closed the door just as I was ready to hit the button. Another look into the cockpit, this time the center console. The glare is bad on the plexiglas window. Don't know what to call this. Some sort of trolley to move the Lynx on the deck. Trolley connection to the nose gear.


Closer look at trolley. Detail of the main gear, and what appears to be a radar warning receiver on the end. A shot of the tail boom. Getting close to the tail rotor.


Looking from the stern. As you can see, quite a crowd is trying to get on board. A farewell shot at dusk.If you can see in the dark, that's me.


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