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I have had the occasion to take some aircraft pictures, mostly of helicopters on ships visiting Beirut harbour.
I've recently added pictures of MiG's and Sukhoi's taken in Moscow by a friend of mine.

Last updated on 22nd May 2001 (SU-27, SU-34, SU-35)


Beirut Evacuation USS Intrepid HMS Edinburgh
Updated 22 Jul. 2006 Updated 12 Sep. 1998 Updated 10 Dec. 1999

Foch Jeanne D'Arc Vittorio Veneto
Updated 16 Dec. 2000 Updated 10 Sep. 1998 Updated 10 Sep. 1998

Turkish Air Force MiG-21 PFMA & SMT MiG-23 MLD
Updated 31 Jan. 1999 Updated 25 Dec. 2000 Updated 25 Dec. 2000

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