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These photos were taken by Hovig Boghossian

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Photos taken at Khodynka Museum, Moscow.

Note: Some of you may say "Huh? That's an MF !!". Well, the plaque in front of the plane identifies it as PF, which it definitely isn't. It looks like an MF but lacks the additional outboard missile pylons and the centerline cannon. The photographer thinks it is PFMA. Comments from MiG experts are welcome.

Main Tail Section Wing pylon and navigation light Nose gear

Nose section Nose gear close up Right main gear


Photos taken at Khodynka Museum, Moscow.

Left view Right view Forward view Lowered flap and airbrake


Tail section and open parachute housing. Left side of tail Cooling air intakes, and tailplane actuator fairing. Flap and actutor fairing



Photos taken at Victory Park Mseum, Moscow.

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